11. And on the 7th Day … he rests!

Cancer Cells

Is this still happening now I’m on Chemotherapy? No rest for those wicked malignant cancer cells!

Me? I’m sleeping in when I return to bed after posting this blog note!

Sorry, read on ….

Well, maybe time for one more visual joke?


Kenny Everret2

So as Kenny Everett would say, “this is all done in the best possible taste…

Due to the censors and copyright police, I cannot show you an appropriate scene from this key episode of “Spitting Image”, described below. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Spitting Image

Maggie Thatcher was having a haircut.  

Hairdresser:How would you like your hair done, madam”?

Maggie Thatcher: “Cut it in a way that would be universally popular”.

Hairdresser lops off her head!

My son, Richard, arrives at 12:30pm today, Yippee!

Be back Monday.  CYA.

















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