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Dr Colin Mason


Cancer Research UK

This cancer blog is not the first and nor will it be the last.  But, it is mine and I have five major purposes for it:

  • It is my own personal record of my experience of living with cancer, surviving and overcoming its insidious effects on my whole life.  It pulls no punches, I tell it how it is, including expletives, some of which I wouldn’t use but for my daughter’s insistance that I use true Scottish vernacular, as much as possible.  For example, she insists I use shite! instead of the more anglicised, shit!  She lives in Glasgow – ’nuff said, eh?
  • It is for family and friends who have been brilliant in supporting me throughout and have honoured my own wish for them to share their news in email as I find it so fantastic having ‘hot off the press’ news and updates of their and their own family lives and adventures.  Some have taken this to extremes.  My best friend, whilst at University in Bradford (1970-74), Ian, lives in San Diego but managed to actually visit with me for a long weekend (12-14 December), along with Will and Nigel also from University days.  It is more than 40 years since I had seen them!
  • It is for colleagues, all ex-colleagues, now that Elaine has retired too; and who sits aside me at the ‘old folks’ home, grumping and out-grumping each other, pretty much all the time!  I must give Raymond Moir a special mention since it is his ongoing advice, first as colleague, now as friend that I am able to tackle using WordPress (Free) to create the web site and blog posting and responding facility.
  • It is for a comprehensive collection of contacts including my most immediate National Health Service Health Care Professional staff (NHSHCPs) of the cancer day care out patients ward (Ward 32), as well as all the other porters, mobile tea and lunch trolly roamers, phlebotomists (look it up!), laboratory scientists, Pharmacists, Radiographers, other nusing specialists such as help-line staff, dieticians, MacMillan Nurses and my own Specialist Nurse and last but not least, the clinicians and scientists who are working on my case now, but others in the past and from which they draw knowledge, experience and ongoing learning to try to help me in the best ways they can.

I thank all of them profoundly and am deeply indebted to not just them, but also to the many cancer organisations, such as Cancer Research UK  (Accessed at – Cancer Research UK‎, 19 December, 2015) that provide first class information and advice via their web sites and downloadable documents.  For all of you that have particpated through the “Leave a Reply” facility and You Tube, and via LinkedIn or Facebook, and most recently, Twitter, I am indebted too.  We still need to mobilise more of your ideas about my plan for a revised NHS (why not dream?) but I have every faith in you all.Twitter

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Finally, I am using the web site and blog as an experiment in higher education, attempting to entertain, educate and inform myself  (courtesy of BBC aims underpinned by values) as well as, possibly, yourselves about cancer through:

  1. informing and educating about certain aspects of the Medicine, (bio-)logy/technology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering
  2. educating and entertaining with language (including English and French as well as Social Media speak!),  and
  3. amusing through specific choices of literature (English mainly, including poetry), music (Mostly Blues, Jazz, Rock Pop, but other genres too); film, video and cartoons used to illustrate the longer, wordy secions of the BLOG monologues!

Come to think of it this ‘syllabus’ reminds me of my old “O”  Level subject list though clearly it relates only to Cancer.  But what if?

What if we could ‘chunk’ the syllabus of any subject (at any level) and give it this sort of treatment!?  I’d appreciate any feedback on the latter idea, particularly because until now I have simply used the Web site and Blog apparent to simply provide information.  Well, actually since about the  third blog entry, I have been ‘designing and refining’  this potential of education.  Since then I also started ‘back-editing’ – probably more than is usually done in a blog.  But in any case, my daughter, Ellen, an Acting Deputy Head Teacher herself, will not let me off the hook without editing for things I missed or MS Office’s Spell-check and Grammar missed (and yes, even sometimes, that she missed!).

Cancer Research UK



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