18. You’ve lost that (loving) feeling

Yes, I have!  In my fingers, especially.

The Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”, (1962)

Now who can beat the Righteous brothers, “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” (or Scott Walker’s version, for that matter?) for a version of ‘that’ song – not many – I grant you.  But, I still trust my instinct here – it’s gotta be The Firm – very temporary super-band comprising Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers. (“The Firm”, 1985, and “Mean Business”, 1986). Together with Chris Slade (Drums) and Tony Franklin (Bass) they (Jimmy and Paul) make up the band, with occasional backing vocals and other percussion. Only two LPs made on Atlantic Records – to my knowledge!

The Firm, “The Firm”, 1985

The Firm, “The Firm”, 1985.  You’ve lost that loving feeling!

Yes, I have!  In my fingers, especially. That’ll be the Oxaliplatin, then! But also in one spot over my right thigh, from knee to mid-femur and from the leading edge of patella arcing right across to left and right upper muscle group to the mid -point of my femur.

Right then, short blog today.  I’m just having my packed red cells (A, Rh+) prior to starting my Chemo, EOX.  Should be good to go in a couple of hours.  I trust today’s timings are better than yesterday.  Yesterday, we set off to Dundee at 8:30 am and arrived home at 18:30pm.  Car Accident near Tay Bridge; detour to Newburgh, Perth, and then to Ninewells .  Blood delayed and transfusion only started at 15:00 pm.  Still, I managed a Buzz Cut No.6 and Buzz Cut No. 4 as well.

Discovered I had now purchased our new car, BMW X3 2.0 l Diesel 4×4 SUV!  when we arrived home.  Picking it up tomorow – Whoop, Whoop!  Still lots to repair/replace and clean, but hey, I purchased a Thane H2O HD Steam Cleaner Mop via the internet.  It’ll be sparkling in no time!

Starting on the reform of the NHS series of blogs tomorrow – so watch this space.

Meantime, here’s something fresh for your ears, though still a blues band, King King.  (Try any of their CDs, “Take my Hand“, Standing in the Shadows“, Reaching for the Light“.  They are all good, though “Take my Hand” does have one of the best versions of an old Eric Clapton song, “Old Love“, that you’ll ever hear – especially if you see them live.

Take my Hand KK
Apologies – clipped art work!

Elaine and I have, twice, once with John Mayall in York (November 2014) and at the Sage Arena, Newcastle in March 2015, for my Birthday!  Three signed CDs – nah, nah,nah-nah, nah!!  And, I’m pretty sure Alan Nimmo could play for the Scottish Rugby Front row as a prop!

King King

Alan Nimmo not only writes, plays lead and rhythm guitar but has one of the sweetest and most powerful voices since Paul Rodgers of Free, back in 1968 (Top Rank Suite in Sunderland – my home town, well nearly!).

And so afer a long wait, I can start to get political – tomorrow.

Long live the NHS, but not as we know it!

Bye for now




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