19. Gray Matter, Dark Matter, Black Hole!

So, it’s the day after the night before and I’m still feeling shite!

black hole
Image of what a black hole might look like

I’ve tried exercising the gray (grey strictly!) matter but to no avail. This is fastbecoming a dark, depressing matter and turning rapidly into what feels like what one might imagine what a black hole should feel like – “Nothing”, “nada”, “infinitesimal”, or just plain “nowt”, as we say in Yorkshire!

I can’t muster a thought let alone a creative idea so you’ll have to settle for a postponed series of seminars on The NHS – not only, as we don’t currently know it, or how it might be, but also how we could go about effecting change now.  I’m not talking about in the near or short term future; or even after some strategic edict finally emerges from Government established vestigial left and right wing think tank. We need a “crowd-sourced” movement of clamouring patients and all health care staff to demand that our NHS is just that, a National Health Service, and not a NIP, a National Illness Pit!

So, I say Nope to complacency! I will be seeking immediate proactive, radical solutions to the major medical issues in the six point plan outlined below (or similar; I’ll be seeking your input too):

  1. Education – underpinned by philosophy
  2. Screening – underpinned by data, information (including economic) and rapid, open publication
  3. Testing from birth to death – coupled to universal insurance to block selective and extortionate premiums
  4. Preventative treatment – promotion of healthy life styles
  5. Research – focused on preventative medical conditions but financed and front-loaded, from National Profits on curative treatments and drug sales as well as taxes on harmful products
  6. Evaluation – led by self-scrutiny, and assisted by sympathetic managers and especially mentors, with an emphasis on honesty, openness, timely feedback and no recriminations except for criminal neglect and unscrupulous Health Care Staff.

Will expand this tomorrow – if I can draw myself away from my sparkling new (to me) vehicle! This will be my 4th BMer, but my 1st SUV, 4 wheel drive, which we are looking forward to taking camping in Cornwall and France next summer!

colin hat

This is me with my new Buzz Cut (Top No.6; Sides No.4)

in my new (to me) hat!  Thanks Craig.

Colin 09122015

This is me with my new Buzz Cut (Top No.6; Sides No.4) sans chapeaux!

Power to the NHS- people power!

Bye all!


2 thoughts on “19. Gray Matter, Dark Matter, Black Hole!

  1. Hi Colin, like the hair cut!

    And so you keep us on tenderhooks about the NHS, if you are advocating a move to health promotion and illness prevention then with you on that – at the minute it is a best a fire fighting service – Following a serious car crash 4 and bit years ago she is still waiting for treatment for PTSD, so Mental Health stuff is just ignored on the whole by the NHS. We are still battling Police Scotland over a negligent / bent policeman who was at scene but took no details), insurance companies etc – so its a nightmare.

    More power to you in yoru New Chelsea Tractor !!!

    Look forward to the next installment.


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