25. I told you he was ill, didn’t I!

Spike Cartoon

Hi folks

Well, yes I’m still alive. I’m afraid my dearest darling wife, Elaine, made me promise to stay off the blog (she’s not a fan of public displays of personal information – she has only 1 friend, Ellen, on Facebook – apart from me!), at least during Christmas and whenever any of the family are with us. As Richard arrived on Friday, 18 December but left only yesterday (Monday GMT) I haven’t had the opportunity to update you. Nor is Elaine a fan of seeing my bald(y?) gray, head nodding in time to tap tapping away on my laptop. So, here I am 10 days without an entry and some poor folk who thought I might have croaked it all ready. More to come later, but here’s some key stuff:

And then Ellen arrived on Christmas Eve, and we had our traditional steak, chips and salad pre- Christmas dinner. The tardy amongst us then rapidly started to try secretly wrapping last minute presents.

Santa called and demolished the mince pies with Wenslydale Cheese whilst Rudolf did his best with one, off-side mouthful of carrot! Another Santa delivered three delicious chocolate hand – tailored sleighs. And yet a further Santa got a man of certain age’s guitar and amp all sorted, ready for the breath-holding moment when the new “Overwater Aspiration Grandart Bass Guitar” and “Fender Rumble15”, were duly located near the Xmas tree awaiting inspection and to be given a thrashing. Sadly, the latter didn’t happen – no interconnecting lead was supplied and silence rained for three days. A Sunday visit to Dundee fixed everything. We purchased not only a Fender 2.8m black (naturally) lead but also a Leather padded strap and some black picks.

Music at last, Richard discovered his future, I think, picking up the main Bass riff of Stanley Clarke’s School Days almost by the time I slipped my vinyl on to the turntable (Linn Sondek LP12 – upgraded 1970s original version with Rega cartridge in Linn Basic arm), and I walked back to the lounge where he was “noodling” to his heart content. He looked a natural to me – but developed a blister on his forefinger for his pains (as well as pleasure!). My torn-to-shreds finger tips still prevented me from having a go – what a frustrating start to Christmas. Can’t drive the BMW X3, can’t play the Electric Bass and I am still awaiting the replacement Makita Drill and Impact driver!!

Photos of the adventures of the four mouseketeers are in Blog 25 – now slightly out of synchronisation but then, who’s really checking? Though I am sorry to those of you that briefly saw a Blog No. 24 and then you didn’t!

Ian is home and well in San Diego. We Skyped on 28 December and he, and especially Marilyn, looked really well and happy!

I had my third lot of intravenous Chemo today – two thirds of EOX, Epirubicin and Oxaliplatin. I seem to coping better than last time, and infinitely better than the first time, so maybe things are looking up. More Later…

Bye for Now – more blogs to catch up with!

‘Til Later, Colin















One thought on “25. I told you he was ill, didn’t I!

  1. Thanks for the update Colin. It may be 2 deg (Celsius) there and 42 deg here in Australia but “secretly” wrapping presents at the last minute on Christmas Eve is global!
    I was amused by the “traditional” steak, chips and salad dinner. Whatever happened to a nice bit of Scottish haggis, black pudding or even a stovie finished off with some lovely Clootie dumpling?? 🙂
    Enjoy the New Year celebrations – Peter


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