51. Consultant time


Alas Smith Jones

Note quite, but the spirit is captured in this image from “Alas Smith and Jones” and hopefully Dr P feels suitably anonymised

I met with my Oncology Consultant, Dr P, last Tuesday to receive his latest update and whether I am going to be in a position to continue receiving my New Chemo (Taxo).  After a run through my clinical profile (Blood tests etc) and notes from the Endoscopy as well as my dietary account of the last 4-5 days (including failed Nasogastric Tube (NGT) feeding, he concluded I was in much better shape (relative terms here!) that he anticipated, so unless something drastic happens between Tuesday and next Monday – my Chemo treatment day, then all will go as planned and I will embark on Course 2 of what is likely to be another 6 in all – hurray (I don’t know why I say these things – all Chemo course are shite!)

I had more blood tests on Thursday and since I haven’t been notified to the contrary, there is also an assumption that I can proceed.  So, I just have to get through the weekend intact to Monday at 10:30am.  That might be more difficult than you would think.  Just two nights ago Elaine decided to light the Chiminea in the garden and extend our patio ‘life’ there for a couple of extra hours.  Bad idea.  I tripped over a hose pipe carrying a few logs from wood store to patio and thoroughly beat up my own nose, hands, fingers and ribs/shoulder; just for fun!  Never mind, I got over it and now have a slightly more ruffled, rugged appearance – as much as a 9 stone 10 Lb can, anyway!

What else has been happening?  My appetite is very patchy.  I drive Elaine nuts because of it.  Eyes like what they anticipate or see; taste buds are less enamoured and then the disconnect starts as I have too little of too little much food on my plate.  It’s all true and very frustrating.  The hair loss is beginning to kick in big time again (I’ll get a photo before I deteriorate much further – honest!).

We had to take the Vauxhall Astra in to have its battery checked following a dash board warning- and guess what?  Yes, of course it is fine (as an almost brand new replacement from only a few months ago), but guess what – we have had to have a new Diesel Alternator fitted – the expensive kind, naturally (GBP 406:00!).  We asked what the car was worth before going ahead and we were informed – much more than that – that is, until checking a retail trade -in of course.  Now it’s only worth GBP 800:00 to them, though they could stretch GBP 1200:00 as I have now paid for the alternator replacement!  Cars – who needs them?  Though we do want the latest one we are looking at, an Alpha Romeo Guilette FTSM-2 Vecce 2:00 L Diesel 5 door Hatch back in dark Red – Tasty!  So, the negotiations have begun – watch this space.  We’ll try desperately not to become a three car owner!


Alpha Romeo Giullietta  1

I’m presently listening to Elbow’s (2014), “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” – subtle but just right at this time on Saturday Morning!


I have also been working through my recently update Jamie Cullum Collection, including: “The Pursuit” (2009); “Momentum” (2103) and “Interlude” (2014) – all good.



The latter also features a duet (“Don’t let me be misunderstood”) with Gregory Porter, another of my ‘favourites’ currently (though like my wife I can’t quite like the ear muff hat – especially at hot open air park concerts like Glastonbury, or any studio venue).  Is it just us?


Gregory Porter 1


No further medical news, save that I am eating better and I’ll update you again later.

Well, that’s all folks.  Bye for now.

Buggs Sign off


4 thoughts on “51. Consultant time

  1. Good luck Colin. Hope the Chemo treatment goes well, we’ll be thinking of you!
    BTW -, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a great car – I’ve been eyeing it off myself and it could well be our next vehicle purchase.
    Best wishes, Peter


  2. Glad you’re at least eating better Colin! All the very best for this next run of chemo. Please do keep us posted in the moments when your brain is less mushy. 🙂 Love to you and Elaine xx


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