53. “I told you I was ill…”

Dad's last treatment

Dear friends and followers,

Sadly, my dad died on Monday, 25 July 2016 in his listening room at home surrounded by his family after his battle with cancer. As you all know he was diagnosed with an inoperable stomach cancer 9 months ago and had been receiving chemotherapy treatment.  His stomach cancer had been particularly aggressive, and after a period of improvement, it resurfaced a couple of months ago.  He began his second round of chemo at the end of June, however over the last few weeks he became too weak to continue. On Monday evening it finally defeated him and he died quite suddenly. We are all devastated.

I would like to thank you all for reading his blog and for your kind comments and words of support. Writing this blog kept him going through the tough times and was a source of comfort, knowledge and great amusement to his family, friends and followers. It demonstrated his unique sense of humour, passion for music, learning and of course family and friends. It will serve as another lasting memory for us and we hope you will pay it a visit once in a while.

We have set up a JustGiving page in his memory for people to make donations to Cancer Research UK if they wish. It can be accessed here:


Thank you for your support.

Ellen, Richard and Elaine. xxx




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