52. Consultation as it is supposed to be

Alas Smith Jones

Note quite, I didn’t get my way!  However, once more the spirit is captured in this image from “Alas Smith and Jones” and hopefully another Dr P feels suitably anonymised.  I felt I had one of the most helpful conversations around why what was being propsed and why.  So I have had a seriously good consultation – as it should be – everytime, for everybody – though I suspect it is not.

I met with my Oncology Consultant, Dr P’s Registrar, Dr P, earlier this morning for consultation before being hooked up to my Chemo-bag – for about an hour – all sounds good yes?  Well Yes and No – as the Chinese say!  I had my body weight checked – I’m afraid down another 4Kg – to them, and this together with the analysis of blood tests put pay to commencing Chemo treatment for “you my boy” for another week until after my next consultation with Dr P.  “Gotta mind your P’s and Qs!”  It gets all a little confusing.

I’m afraid I am just too weak to tolerate more Chemo at this stage and simply could end up back on my back in hospital and feeling Shite.  I’ll now get an update next Tuesday at the Clinic, and hopefully I’ll be recovering sufficiently to return to treatment.

The upside of this short but meaningful conversation was that I go home earlier, and that apart from an extra armful or two of pinprick sized holes at the site of blood sampling I got to get more sun this afternoon.  Elaine completed assembly of the Garden tool box store – a brilliant job done.  We now await the arrival in Cupar of Daughter from her departure gate in Glasgow some three hours ago.  She’s stayng over for a few more nights with us in Ceres – hurrah!

Though we are smitten with the Alpha Romeo Guilette FTSM-2 Vecce 2:00 L Diesel 5 door Hatch back in dark Red – below in our local garage I have caste my net a little wider and hopefully with get a bargain whatever I finally can agree to buy with Elaine!  So, the negotiations have begun – watch this space.

I’m presently Giving Paul Weller’s, “Wild Wood” another blast in the main listening room (Richard’s Bedroom, but don’t tell him!).  Back to the other drawing board.  More drinks (alcohol especially), little and often – methinks I might drop the ‘little’!

Well, that’s all folks.  Bye for now.

Buggs Sign off



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